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Hide details for  8.0.2 8.0.2
JSTN7CWTL6Starting with Notes 8.0.1, a customer may change the user's default browser setting to "Use the browser I have set as the default for this Operating...
SHIH74UKZWPrevious to the NTLM support, if Notes was configured to use a proxy server requiring NTLM authentication, all network operations would fail with the...
SVRO7EXQ3PPrior to this fix, Feed Reader Background Polling went into infinite Loop. Error message "Feed Reader Background Polling Job (Time of error: xx)"...
LYUN7CUBZJFixed a performance issue when displaying the toolset with and without the control.
CGRF7AWJ9KFixed a problem sharing dictionaries between SpellChecker instances, so that the memory usage could be reduced by around 3MB for each SpellChecker...
PRAD7E2LQ4Fixed a potential security issue.
Hide details for  8.0.1 8.0.1
FMYL77MEMLFixed an issue where the installer did not exit properly after displaying an invalid path dialog when installing from a directory with non-ascii...
FFUU77VHJEFixed a problem where the Synchronization menu was not displayed in Open List.
HOKO78CJ95Dynamic Extension contribution no longer breaking keybindings.
HOKO77CT7LShow/Hide toolbar button on Windows title would not work. This problem has been fixed.
HKAG77TC77Could not switch control in RTE toolbar. This problem has been fixed.
HOKO75WPJGOpen menu will no longer be closed, before typing Japanese characters on Japanese IME.
MHAM788MY4Fixed a problem where tab corners did not render properly.
SLYN76W8RUError dialog prompted after forcing a quit of the Notes process.
YNII77F9ENPrior to this fix, could not re-arrange the toolbar position on mac.
YNII77U9WHOpen launch bar no longer appears on the desktop if minimizing the Notes 8.0 window.
RHEA783KF5Fixed a problem wher ethe RCP Base plugin was not found.
PLOI783LBHError refreshing application after provisioning eclipse component.
Hide details for IBM Lotus iNotesIBM Lotus iNotes
Hide details for  9.0 9.0
KYOE6AR65PAdded support for AltName fields for mail rule conditions. Setting the following notes.ini is required to enable altname support in rule...
Hide details for  8.5.3 FP1 8.5.3 FP1
VSEN7LCTYRProvided Ultra-light support for Inbox customizations for categorized views and default view columns with sorting direction
Hide details for  8.5.3 8.5.3
KYOE6AR65PAdded support for AltName fields for mail rule conditions. Setting the following notes.ini is required to enable altname support in rule...
Hide details for  8.5.2 8.5.2
SIWA6LSGA7The attachment named Image.xxxx is internally used by DWA for inline image, and such name is restricted in DWA. With this fix, the format is checked...
DWHR6YND23Fixed a problem that fails to print whole Notes mail header area if it contains long hierachical names. This fix requires the mail template fix for...


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